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Community Program

This track consists of our popular group classes as well as private lessons for beginner and intermediate students ages 12+ who prefer a low-key environment for their studies.

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Our Classes

The NJ Academy of Music offers group classes for our youngest students, who could benefit from a structured introductory music class prior to committing to private lessons for a specific instrument. Group instruction allows our students to explore and learn musical concepts in an energetic, interactive setting.

Our classes are lead by one of our master instructors, so every child in our program, whether taking private lessons or group classes, has the opportunity to learn from our award-winning faculty. Group classes are geared as a stepping stone to taking private lessons in a chosen discipline, and our instructors will guide and advise you when your child is ready for that transition.

Sessions will be available for registration throughout the year.

Instrument Explorers

Age: 3-6


This exciting drop-off class is tailored to our youngest budding musicians! Students will begin to develop an understanding of rhythm and sound and learn more about various musical instruments through interactive listening and movement. They will also get hands-on experience in a variety of real instruments appropriately sized, and focus on movement in music as they skip, hop, and explore beats, sounds, and rhythms.

What to Expect

For our youngest students, this drop-off group instruction provides a first opportunity to learn about music and its fundamental structure. 

This class is an ideal precursor to private lessons at NJAOM as it gives students an opportunity to listen to and try a variety of instruments to see which one piques their interest the most.

NEW! Mommy & Me with Instrument Petting Zoo

Age: 1-3


This action-packed Mommy & Me class starts with a variety of movement activities related to rhythms, songs, and styles and then transforms into an instrument petting zoo for children to explore during the second half of each class!  

What to Expect

This Mommy & Me class provides an exploration-based introduction to music as it relates to rhythm and movement. 

Drum Class

Age: 4-8


This class is for young students who are interested in exploring the world of beats and rhythms! Our Drum Class is lead by our percussion faculty and will focus on the rhythms and types of beats that can be produced through many percussive instruments, including bucket drums, marimba, drum set, and more!

Sessions will be available for registration throughout the year.

What to Expect

This introductory course is ideal for young musicians of any instrument who would like to explore rhythm and percussive sound. Interactive musical exploration and an introduction to a wide variety of percussion instruments will inspire and spark curiosity!

Free! Suzuki Pre-Twinkle Class

Age: 4-5


This special FREE class is sponsored by our scholarship non-profit, NJ Foundation for Musical Arts. In this 6-week class, children and their caregivers will work with our faculty to begin either violin or piano in a group setting.

Children who are age 4 or age 5 at the time of registration are eligible to enroll for this free class. This is an ideal age for children to begin studying an instrument using the Suzuki Method, and our faculty will guide you and your child through the early foundational skills of either violin or piano studies.

Sessions will be available for registration throughout the year.

NOTE: Children may only register for ONE session on ONE instrument for free.

Parent or caregiver participation is required. No drop-offs permitted.

What to Expect

This free course is set up to help children become oriented to fundamentals of violin or piano studies. Students who have completed this course are encouraged to continue their studies with private lessons in our Academy Program. There are no extra costs associated with this course. One parent or caregiver are expected to attend and assist their child with the various activities throughout each class. A ten-minute practice session is recommended daily at home for parent/caregiver and child.

For those enrolling in violin, a violin rental will be temporarily provided upon deposit of a credit card, which would be charged only in case of any damages or non-returns.

For those enrolling in piano, we recommend having a keyboard or piano at home, but it is not required.

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For young private students enrolled in violin, viola, cello, and piano, we ascribe to the philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, who developed an unparalleled method — The Suzuki Method — to guide young students in learning music through a balanced combination of leveled achievement and ear development, alongside supplemental technical skill acquisition. Once students acquire the foundational skills to play their instrument, note reading is introduced in parallel to progression through the Suzuki repertoire.

The Suzuki Method is both a philosophy and a series of leveled books of repertoire that progress skill by skill, helping young students to focus in on key foundational elements of playing while expanding their repertoire. The repertoire is comprised of a wide range of classical repertoire, including composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart.

As part of the Suzuki philosophy, parent attendance at private lessons and parent assistance during home practice are essential elements to ensuring a young student’s ability to excel in music. This process establishes a focused work ethic and lays a strong foundation for the advanced player’s challenges that lie ahead.

For older children and adult private students, a combination of Suzuki or similar methodology and a traditional, individualized progression work well to establish routine and meticulous attention to detail.

Advanced students focus on a combination of technical mastery and breadth of repertoire to refine their performance delivery and interpretation.

Our Lessons

Private Lessons

Age: 12+


We offer Private Lessons in our Community Program for students ages 12+ who are interested in beginning to learn an instrument or who are already playing and would like to strengthen their skills. If you are interested in private lessons for a student younger than 12 years old or for an intermediate or advanced student who is seeking a more intense program, please review the information about our Academy Program. Private lessons in our Community Program are low-key, relaxed one-on-one lessons with faculty who hold a degree from a college in their field of study.

What to Expect

Students will focus on proper posture, tone production, technique, and note reading in addition to learning a variety of repertoire.



NJAOM offers weekly private, one-on-one instruction in the following disciplines:
  • piano
  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • guitar (acoustic)
  • guitar (electric)
  • percussion (drums)
  • jazz
In addition, we offer coaching in the following disciplines:
  • small and large chamber ensembles (trio, quartet, quintet)
  • collaborative piano
  • performance coaching (piano coach for string instruments)