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Getting Started

Group Instruction

If you are interested in group instruction, such as our Pre-Studio classes or Drum Group for ages 3-6, please click here for Group Instruction information and online registration.

Private Instruction

If you are interested in private instruction, the following steps are required prior to taking private lessons at NJAOM:

  1. Register below for an upcoming information session with one of our directors.

  2. October 17, 2017, 7:30 pm
    October 24, 2017, 7:30 pm
  3. Review program information you will receive via email.

  4. Attend the information session.

  5. If your child is new to the instrument of study, you will then be given a choice of days/times to observe a lesson. You will also have an opportunity to observe a Performance Class with children of similar ability playing together. OR
    If your child has been playing the instrument of study for at least one year, you will be given a choice of days/times to bring your child for an audition/evaluation by one of our faculty in your child’s instrument of study. You may also have an opportunity to observe a Performance Class with children of similar ability playing together.

  6. After observation or audition/evaluation, you will be invited to enroll in our program and can schedule lessons with your assigned teacher. Click here for tuition and general scheduling information. If joining mid-term, tuition will be prorated.

Private Instruction Process FAQ
  • Why do I need to attend an information session?
    Our program is intended for serious students and families willing to make a commitment to practicing and participation in our program classes. The information session ensures that each family will have a chance to learn about our program and ask questions prior to committing to a full term with us.

  • What do you do at the information session?
    At each information session, you will have the opportunity to meet one of our directors, learn more about our programs and expectations, understand the progression of a music student, and hear about opportunities to become involved in our Parent Committee. You will also have the chance to ask questions about NJAOM.

  • Should I bring my child to the information session?
    We strongly prefer that you do not bring your child to the information session. The session is intended for parents to be able to focus on our director’s introduction to our program and to openly discuss questions you may have. This is best done in an adult environment without children present.

  • My child is a beginner. Can I have a trial lesson with a teacher?
    We do not offer trial lessons, simply because a brief encounter with a teacher on a single occasion is not a useful measure to determine the child’s interest or desire to play or work with a given teacher. It takes weeks of steady, patient work to begin to see progress and playing ability. Because of this, we instead request that you attend a scheduled observation of a current NJAOM student’s lesson to get a better sense of a typical lesson.

  • My child has been playing piano for 4 years. Is she guaranteed a spot in your studio?
    We would love to be able to accept every student into our program. However, because we have limited spots available, your child will have the opportunity to audition for and be evaluated by our faculty to determine whether we will be able to accommodate your student.

  • Can I choose the teacher we study with?
    Yes and no. You may express interest in or preference for studies with a specific teacher, but NJAOM reserves the right to make the final decision about placement, depending upon availability, scheduling, and ability.

  • Group Classes

    Winter Term 2017/18: December 4, 2017 - March 11, 2018 (12 weeks)

    Enrollment will start on November 6!

    Fall 2017: September 6 - December 3 (12 weeks)

    To enroll in pre-studio class or drum group for the Fall Term:
  • FOR NEW FAMILIES: For new families enrolling in pre-studio class or drum group, please select your desired class below by clicking on ‘register’ next to the class and complete the enrollment form. Registration is open!

  • FOR CURRENT & RETURNING FAMILIES: Please log into your account on our online portal to enroll. Registration is open!