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NJAOM offers two types of programs for music instruction.
Students in both divisions have a rare and unparalleled opportunity to study with world-class instructors.

Academy Division


This track provides individualized, one-on-one private lessons and offers the most tailored instruction for students. In addition to private lessons, Academy students also attend a weekly group music class which supplements their private instruction and covers music theory, ear training, and performance technique. The Academy Division is best for students and families who can commit to weekly lessons and dedicate time at home to practice daily. Private lessons combined with consistent and diligent practicing provide the best opportunity for progression and achievement.

We accept students (child and adult) of all levels of experience, from beginner through advanced. Some children are capable of beginning weekly private lessons at age 3, but most children are able to concentrate for the duration of a 30-minute lesson by age 5.

Private lessons at NJAOM offer students access to our world-class faculty. Our instructors are dedicated professional musicians with advanced degrees from the some of the very best music conservatories in the world, including The Juilliard School, Peabody Conservatory, Indiana University, Cleveland Institute of Music, and Manhattan School of Music. All of our faculty have years of experience teaching and are active performers who have been feature in many of the most prestigious concert halls in the world. As a result, our instructors are uniquely qualified to provide the very best music education for our students.

Additionally, our faculty only teach the instrument in which they have expertise. At NJAOM, you will not find violin teachers giving voice lessons, piano teachers giving cello lessons, or guitar teachers giving piano lessons. Our instructors are serious and accomplished musicians who have high expectations for their students and are committed to helping them achieve whatever goals they may have. We believe in matching each student, from beginner to advanced, with a master instructor who will provide the proper training and guidance throughout their studies.

Click here to read more about each of our world-class instructors.

Enrolled students at NJAOM are expected to practice regularly, actively participate in their lessons, and exhibit dedication and eagerness toward learning and achievement on their instrument. Parent involvement is also key to a student’s success. For our young beginners, we require a parent to attend lessons to observe what is being taught, take notes, and then serve as their child’s “coach” at home to help set practice schedules and ensure that the tasks assigned by the teacher are completed properly throughout the week until the next lesson. Parents and students who commit to this approach are greatly rewarded when realizing both short-term and long-term goals. We find that families who are not fully dedicated to this method ultimately encounter stumbling blocks with their child, who generally does not progress with meaningful results, becomes frustrated with the perceived lack of ability to achieve, and many times chooses to quit.

All prospective students (or parents if student is a child) must attend an information session prior to registering for private instruction. This will enable us to provide you with detailed information about our philosophy, approach to teaching, and student/parent commitment needed in order for the student to excel in our program. Information sessions times and registration links can be found on our Registration page.

Our Academy Year is divided into two terms: Fall Semester and Spring Semester. Our Fall and Spring Semesters each have 18 weeks of lessons plus a Make-up Week/Bonus Week. We also offer a Summer Term, which spans July and August.

Please click on the Calendar link at the top of the page for specific term dates. We offer 30-, 45-, and 60-minute weekly private lessons, and enrolled Academy Division students will also receive a weekly group music class.


NJAOM offers weekly private, one-on-one instruction in the following disciplines:

  • piano
  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • double bass
  • guitar
  • composition (writing music)
  • voice
  • clarinet
  • flute
  • oboe
  • percussion (drums)
  • jazz

In addition, we offer coaching in the following disciplines:

  • small ensembles (trio, quartet, quintet)
  • collaborative piano
  • performance coaching (piano coach for string instruments and voice)


Strings and Piano
We welcome students into our Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar) and Piano private instruction program from age 3 and up (9 and up for bass).

For young private students enrolled in violin, viola, cello, and piano, we ascribe to the philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, who developed an unparalleled method — the Suzuki Method — to guide young students in learning music through a balanced combination of leveled achievement and ear development, alongside supplemental technical skill acquisition. Parent attendance at private lessons and parent assistance during home practice are key elements to ensuring a young student’s ability to excel in music. This process will establish a focused work ethic and lay a strong foundation for the advanced player’s challenges that lie ahead. For older children and adult private students, a combination of Suzuki or similar methodology and a traditional, individualized progression work well to establish routine and meticulous attention to detail. Advanced students focus on a combination of technical mastery and breadth of repertoire to refine their performance delivery and interpretation.

We welcome students into our Voice private instruction program from age 7 and up.

Beginner and intermediate voice students at NJAOM receive a strong foundation in classical voice training, including breathing techniques and core pitch training. Advanced students expand their repertoire with a focus on articulation and expression. In addition, they may explore multiple genres of music to expand their range and depth of interpretation.

We welcome students into our Woodwind private instruction program from age 8 and up.

Beginner and intermediate private woodwind students (clarinet, flute, oboe) at NJAOM receive focused studies on technical fundamentals, coupled with note reading and rhythmic understanding. Advanced students develop musical interpretation through controlled breathing and advanced technique.

Percussion (Drums)
We welcome students into our Percussion private instruction program from age 6 and up.

Beginner private percussion students at NJAOM receive instruction on fundamental stick handling on a variety of drums, coupled with music reading and rhythmic understanding. Intermediate and advanced students further develop technique on drums, drum set if desired, and marimba, and may be invited to join one of our orchestras.


Academy students who have taken least 6 months of private instruction will also receive a weekly Music Foundations Class. Students across all instruments are grouped by ability, and classes cover aspects of music theory, ear training, and music history. Each month, students will also regroup with their peers on the same instrument for a dedicated class on performance technique. Students learn the necessary skills and confidence to perform in front of an audience, and also develop listening skills by participating with the instructor in giving thoughtful feedback to their peers. For string students, they may also play as an ensemble in unison to perfect review pieces and work on following a leader to perform together. Advanced students will also be given the opportunity to use these workshops for simulated run-throughs in preparation for auditions or competitions.


Academy students who have at least a proficient level of notereading ability are eligible to be invited to join NJAOM's Chamber Music Program. Students will collaborate with peers to expand their performance skills through chamber music studies. Chamber music provides students an opportunity to learn and work as a team, be exposed to music and repertoire beyond their own instrument and develop friendships through music. This additional program of study groups students in duos, trios or quartets with a focus on developing skills to perform as an ensemble.

Community Division


This track consists of our popular Instrument Explorers for ages 3-6, our AIM Group Instrument Lessons for ages 7+, Singing Stars for ages 5+, and Introduction to Jazz for ages 8+.

Ages 3-6


The NJ Academy of Music offers group classes for our youngest students, who could benefit from a structured introductory music class prior to committing to private lessons for a specific instrument. Group instruction allows our students to explore and learn musical concepts in an energetic, interactive setting.

Our classes are lead by one of our master instructors, so every child in our program, whether taking private lessons or group classes, has the opportunity to learn from our award-winning faculty. Group classes are geared as a stepping stone to taking private lessons in a chosen discipline, and our instructors will guide and advise you when your child is ready for that transition.


For our youngest students, group instruction provides a first opportunity to learn about music and its fundamental structure. Students begin to develop an understanding of rhythm and sound and learn more about various musical instruments. They will also get hands-on experience in a variety of real instruments appropriately sized, and focus on movement in music as they skip, hop, and explore beats, sounds, and rhythms.


Instrument Explorers classes are offered during our Fall and Spring Semesters. Class descriptions and times can be found on our Registration page. You may also enroll via this link.

Ages 5+

Singing Stars Jr. provides a fun and interactive environment for children interested in singing. Children will enjoy singing and learning songs from popular Broadway shows, TV, and animated films while being introduced to breathing, vocalization, vocal exercises, movement, and rhythm.

Classes are taught by our expert voice instructor who has a background in genres from opera to Broadway. No prior music or vocal experience is required; just bring a love of singing!

Class times can be found on our Registration page. You may also enroll via this link.

AIM (Accelerated Introductory Music) GROUP CLASSES
Ages 7+

AIM (Accelerated Introductory Music) is a launchpad for students interested in starting an instrument but not quite ready for the commitment and expectations of private lessons.

The AIM program is designed specifically for students in Grades 2+ (ages 7 and up) who have no prior playing experience, and allows them to become acquainted with an instrument and learn basics through instruction in a group environment without as great a commitment as private lessons.

For those interested in violin, this class is also ideal for elementary school students who want to get a head start prior to joining their school orchestra or who need instruction to be able to “catch up” and join their school orchestra the following year. Class sizes are kept small so that each student will receive some individual attention during each class.

Enrollment in AIM gives students access to our master teachers and provides an introduction to playing an instrument properly. Currently, we offer violin and piano through our AIM program.

Students will learn proper set-up, including posture, instrument handling, finger and hand placement, instrument technique, and rhythm. Students will be taught introductory pieces and learn play individually as well as in a group. At the end of the term, the instructor will make recommendations for students to either continue in AIM or to graduate to the private instruction track.

The AIM program is designed to be utilized for a maximum of 1 year (and students may opt to switch instruments at the start of a new term). After a maximum of 1 year in the AIM program, students who are committed to continuing with their instrument will be encouraged to move on to private lessons, as individual instruction offers the optimal path toward the most successful playing.

Class times can be found on our Registration page. You may also enroll via this link.

Ages 8+


The NJ Academy of Music offers Intro to Jazz class for students who have been playing their instrument for a minimum of two years.

Our jazz class is lead by one of our jazz specialists and will focus on improvisational structure, key transitioning, and other jazz basics. More advanced jazz students should consider private instruction to focus on particular areas of interest.


This introductory course is ideal for young musicians of any instrument who would like to explore jazz and improv playing. Note reading is not required but may be helpful.


Intro to Jazz is offered during our Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. Class descriptions and times can be found on our Registration page. You may also enroll via this link.