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Studio Instruction

All students should be given the musical tools that will enable them to realize their full potential as musicians.

We accept students (child and adult) of all levels of experience, from beginner through advanced. Some children are capable of beginning private lessons at age 3, but most children are able to concentrate for the duration of a 30-minute lesson by age 5.

All prospective students (or parents if student is a child) should complete an interest form prior to registering for private instruction. This will enable us to provide you with detailed information about our philosophy, approach to teaching, and student/parent commitment needed in order for the student to excel in our program, and it will also allow us to assign an instructor and reserve lesson times for your family.

NJAOM currently offers studio (private), one-on-one instruction in the following disciplines:

  • violin
  • viola
  • piano
  • cello
  • guitar
  • composition (writing music)
  • voice
  • clarinet
  • saxophone
  • flute
  • percussion

In addition, we offer coaching in the following disciplines:

  • string ensembles
  • piano ensembles
  • piano/string ensembles
  • collaborative piano
  • performance coaching (piano coach for string instruments and voice)

If you are interested in studying a discipline that is not currently offered at NJAOM, please alert us regarding your interests. We will contact you if your desired discipline is added to our schedule of courses. Contact us.


Strings and Piano
We welcome students into our Strings (violin, viola, cello, guitar) and Piano studio (private) instruction program from age 3 and up.
For young studio students enrolled in strings and piano, we ascribe to the philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, who developed an unparalleled method — the Suzuki Method — to guide young students in learning music through a balanced combination of leveled achievement and ear development, alongside supplemental technical skill acquisition. Parent attendance at studio lessons and parent assistance during home practice are key elements to ensuring a young student’s ability to excel in music. This process will establish a focused work ethic and lay a strong foundation for the advanced player’s challenges that lie ahead.
For older children and adult studio students, a combination of Suzuki or similar methodology and a traditional, individualized progression work well to establish routine and meticulous attention to detail.
Advanced students focus on a combination of technical mastery and breadth of repertoire to refine their performance delivery and interpretation.

We welcome students into our Voice studio (private) instruction program from age 7 and up. Beginner and intermediate voice students at NJAOM receive a strong foundation in classical voice training, including breathing techniques and core pitch training. Advanced students expand their repertoire with a focus on articulation and expression. In addition, they may explore multiple genres of music to expand their range and depth of interpretation.

We welcome students into our Woodwind studio (private) instruction program from age 8 and up. Beginner and intermediate private woodwind students (clarinet, saxophone, flute) at NJAOM receive focused studies on technical fundamentals, coupled with note reading and rhythmic understanding. Advanced students develop musical interpretation through controlled breathing and advanced technique.

We welcome students into our Percussion studio (private) instruction program from age 6 and up. Young beginner students receive a unique rhythmic training consisting of relatable pictures and words that can be put together to build rhythmic understanding on a drum set’s components. Older beginner students and intermediate students receive guidance in drumstick technique and reading music. Advanced students focus on repertoire that advances technical expertise and on composition to further develop musical expression.


All students who are enrolled in private studio instruction also receive ensemble instruction, which is assigned to each studio student based on ability. Beginner through intermediate studio instruction students whose goal is to perform and share music with others can obtain necessary skills to play together and provide thoughtful musical comments through ensemble classes. In ensemble class, these students often play in unison to perfect review pieces and work on following a leader to perform together, or listen to peers play in a workshop setting in which the instructor offers comments and welcomes input from all students. Intermediate and advanced studio students collaborate with peers to hone their performance skills through chamber music, solo performance classes with peer critique, and orchestral studies.

Group Courses

The NJ Academy of Music offers group classes for students who prefer to learn concepts in music/music appreciation through a group environment rather than through studio lessons. Group instruction is offered with a variety of focuses.

For students who wish to learn more about particular aspects of music but for whom studio lessons are not practical, group courses can educate and enable a deep appreciation for the expanse of nuances that music provides. Through demonstrations, listening, discussion, and application, these group courses can engage students in a thoughtful, informed perspective about the many forms of music that we enjoy every day.

For our youngest students, group instruction provides a first opportunity to learn about music and its fundamental structure. Pre-studio Class is a tiered NJAOM program for ages 3-5, in which students begin to develop an understanding of rhythm and pitch and learn more about various musical instruments. Drum Group offers an introduction to percussion for ages 4-6, exploring rhythmic pulse and basic drumming technique. These types of introductory courses are ideal for very young students who are not yet committed to a discipline.

Group classes are offered on a quarterly basis.

Class descriptions and times can be found on our Registration page.

Music Explorers Drop-in Program

NJ Academy of Music is pleased to offer a non-registration open exploration program for children ages 1–8. Our Music Explorers program is run on a drop-in basis.

Music Explorers will have the opportunity to play, compose, touch instruments, use motion to create music, and listen to a variety of music genres. Please note that this is unsupervised exploration time. All children must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older at all times. Come and explore our musical world!

  • Cost: $10 - first child; $5 - each additional child in same household (for the duration of one open play time)
  • Ages: 1–8
  • Schedule: changes weekly; check calendar for current week's Music Explorers schedule
  • For groups larger than 5 children: please call ahead for availability, pricing, and to reserve exclusive dedicated time


What would a party be without music? At NJAOM, we love parties and have a great time incorporating exciting musical experiences into parties for children of all ages.

We offer a wide range of music-related parties for children. Please click on the link below to view our party brochure. To schedule a party, please complete the reservation form in the brochure and fax or email back to us.

To view available party days and times, please view our calendar for party times marked as “available.”


QUESTIONS? Please Contact Us!
We will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Summer Camps

NJ Academy of Music offers two types of music-focused summer camps:

  • Music Beginners for students who have no previous background in music studies
  • Music Festival for students with a music background who have at minimum basic skills in at least one instrument

Both types of summer camps focus on essential music skills that are crucial to developing a thoughtful, intelligent musician. Each camp has a dedicated camp instructor and offers an opportunity to learn about and work with instruments. Most camps culminate in an end-of-session informal performance for family and friends.

Register today through our Registration page and join us for a music-filled summer of fun!

Music Beginners

Music Basics Camp
Ages 3-5
M-F 9:30-12:00
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This one-week course meets daily and includes a structured introduction to music. Each day, we will work on important music skills, including rhythm, listening, and movement. Students will have an opportunity to try multiple instruments and will learn basic setup on piano. No prior music experience necessary. Please send a nut-free snack and drink.

Music Immersion Camp
Ages 6-10
M-F 9:00-12:00
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This one week camp meets daily and includes an immersive music experience on piano. Each day, we will develop new music skills, including basic note reading, rhythm, and listening. Students will be given group piano lessons and a piece to learn throughout the camp week. The weeks’ activities will culminate in an informal performance for friends and family. Please send a nut-free snack and drink. No prior music experience necessary.

Music Festival

Violin/Viola Festival
Ages 6-17
M-F 9:00-12:00
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This one-week music camp is for advanced beginner and intermediate violin and viola students. Students will have a daily set schedule to include music coaching, work with accompanist, semi-private lessons, and chamber music/ensemble class. The week’s activities will culminate in an informal performance for friends and family on the final day of camp. Please send a nut-free snack and drink.

Piano Festival
Ages 6-17
M-F 9:00-12:00
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This one-week music camp is for advanced beginner and intermediate piano students. Students will have a daily set schedule to include semi-private lessons, basic music theory, and duo piano (4 hand) class. The week’s activities will culminate in an informal performance for friends and family on the final day of camp. Please send a nut-free snack and drink.