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Welcome to NJAOM!

What Makes Us Unique

NJAOM is the region's premiere training center for young musicians. We offer the kind of quality instruction paralleled in major pre-college programs of top conservatories. Our breadth of instruction through classes, private lessons, performance classes, chamber music, and orchestra, provides the necessary building blocks to take students from beginner level through pre-professional caliber. Learn more about our faculty and facilities

Our Approach

NJAOM provides a nurturing environment for students to grow and learn through music. The fun and excitement of handling an instrument and learning to make music go hand-in-hand with confidence, structure, self-discipline, and focus. From our youngest students at age 3 up through teenage years and beyond, our faculty are skilled at providing just the right balance of challenge and positive reinforcement to foster talent in each and every student and inspire them to reach for the next level of achievement. Learn more about our programs

Why Music?

A parent's decision to enroll their child in music instruction is often a significant turning point in their child's life. Music, whether learned as a hobby or as a goal toward a career, enriches the lives of those it touches and has a much farther-reaching impact throughout a child's life than just the obvious benefit of learning to play music. Research has consistently proven that children who study music have academic advantages, such as improved spatial-temporal and language skills, as well as artistic benefits. Taking music lessons allows children to gain emotional and artistic expression, perseverance, discipline, ability to set and achieve goals, social awareness and interaction, and more. These life skills are beneficial through adulthood and are invaluable in the pursuit of any goals one may have in life.

Getting Involved

NJAOM offers performance and competition opportunities to provide experience preparing for an event and getting up in front of an audience to perform. This invaluable experience allows students to gain motivation and practice with purpose. A select group of our students also participate in performances throughout the community, by invitation, and learn to perform as a soloist as well as with others. NJAOM parents also have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of events and planning throughout the year, as well as joining our Parent Committee. View some of our recent performances

It is a special gift for a young musician to work collaboratively with a great artist. I have watched Grant Moffett perform, coach, and encourage from the piano bench for many years. Grant not only insists on interpreting every phrase, but he helps developing musicians reach a musical level beyond their years.

Steven H., NJAOM parent

NJAOM does not just offer private lessons, they also have performance classes and orchestra. It’s a very complete program. It’s been fun for my son to interact with other kids, see how they progress, and play with them. I think music is very good for memory, coordination, motor skills, discipline and it’s also very rewarding when you play and then you get better – you do a lot of practicing but you see the results.

Stephanie D., NJAOM parent

Christina Castelli's own personal excellence as an artist combined with an ability to teach is a rare gift. She conveys her passion and desire for excellence with clear instruction and humor. She is personally invested in their progress as students. We leave our weekly lessons inspired and smiling.

Jean F., NJAOM parent